Should I Clean My Own Carpets?
Professional Hot Water Extraction

Should I Clean My Own Carpets?

            You’re not the first to debate whether to clean your carpets yourself or to call a professional. Maybe its been a year or two since they have been cleaned, you probably have a few drink spills, light traffic stains around corners, and maybe some pet stains here and there. So you start going over the pros and cons in your head of why you should clean them yourself. Maybe you have a couple of these thoughts:

  1. “I could save a lot of money doing it myself!”
  2. “I don’t need a “professional!”
  3. “It’s not that hard, I can do it myself!” 

Cleaning Your Own Carpets

Here are a few things that you probably haven’t considered:

  1. Yes, it is cheaper (and for a good reason):  Renting a hot water extraction machine will probably cost you about $40-75 dollars. That’s way cheaper than hiring a company right? WRONG.
  2. Quality: You get what you pay for! You are going to rent a portable hot water extraction machine that doesn’t produce nearly as hot of water (if at all) and have half the suction as our professional equipment. This leaves chemical, dirt, and pet stains in your carpet due to the lack of suction and also increases dry time by hours. Over wetting the carpet is a mistake we see ALL the time with DIY renters.
  3. Pick-up, drop-off: You have the hassle of driving to your local home depot or machine rental warehouse, lugging the portable machine in your car back and forth to your house. 
  4. You’re probably going to be sold on low grade carpet cleaning solution while you are in the store that will cost you an arm and a leg per bottle.
  5. The cleaning: Yep, we haven’t even gotten to the cleaning yet. That will take a good couple of hours out of your day, not to mention that carpet cleaning isn’t an easy task.
  6. Stains: Unexperienced cleaners will often use the wrong kind of spot cleaner, which can actually spread certain stains into your carpet making them even bigger instead of removing them. Choosing the wrong carpet cleaning solution can also end up attracting more dirt to your carpet.
  7. Warranties: Most carpets require you to have your carpets professionally cleaned and show proof to uphold its warranty!


 Leave It To The Professionals

After all is said and done, you get what you pay for. Leave your carpet cleaning needs to Classic Floor Care Professionals who provide years of experience, high powered equipment, stronger suction, hot water, proper cleaning solution, and more. Get a Free Quote today at (626) 857-7751.

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