Pet Friendly cleaning

Pet Friendly

Pets are an important part of the family and we have a responsibility to keep them safe! That’s why all of Classic Floor Care’s cleaning solutions are 100% pet friendly and environmentally safe! Pet hair and dandruff can cause allergy flares and Classic Floor Care’s high powered truck mount machines are able to extract deep in the carpet to remove pet stains, hair, and dandruff. This greatly helps to remove hair debris and allergens in the carpet.

Blacklight: We start by using a blacklight to find every pet stain in the carpet.

Neutralize: It is important that we neutralize the stain with a high strength pet order and bacteria killer.

Clean: Our top of the line hot water extraction will remove even the deepest and strongest pet stains!

Deodorizer: This will leave your carpets smelling amazing!

Dog Pee on carpet

Pet Treatment

Sometimes our furry friends have accidents that need to be taken care of quickly. These stains can cause strong odors in the home and can be difficult to remove using your own spot cleaner. Pet stains such as urine, can often seep under the carpet and into the pad underneath. This is why only cleaning the top layer of the carpet doesn’t remove the odor. The power of our hot-water-extraction process will not only locate each stain, but will disinfect and remove unwanted smells. While other processes will only clean the top layer, which causes odors and stains to return, our hot water extraction reaches deep in the carpet and even underneath when necessary. Learn more about how we tackle pet urine of all kinds by giving us a call today!

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