Living room freshly carpet cleaned

Carpet Cleanings Best: Hot Water Extraction

Carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning your carpet using a hot water extraction method and often require it on an annual basis to keep the carpet’s warranty. Each element in our cleaning process is important and necessary to restore the look and health of your carpet. As we combine top of the line equipment, technicians with years of experience, and pet friendly/environmentally safe cleaning solution we have mastered the art of hot water extraction. The extraction process will greatly prolong the life of your carpet and leave it looking and smelling fantastic!

Before and After shots of some residential carpet that was steam cleaned
Before and After shot of an area rug in a home that was carpet cleaned

What To Expect

  1.  Walk Through: We’ll start by thoroughly inspecting each area that will be cleaned to address any concerns or problem areas. Our technician will also review pricing before the job begins.
  2. Furniture Removal (Optional): Based on your preferences, we will remove necessary furniture off of the cleaning surface. Furniture blocks are placed under the legs of tables and other objects that could leave rust stains if left on wet carpet (see pricing for large furniture removal).
  3.  Vacuum: Don’t worry about vacuuming! We will vacuum each area before cleaning with a top of the line industrial vacuum.
  4. Corner Guards: We place plastic guards around each corner in your home to prevent our hoses from rubbing on walls and baseboards.
  5. Pre-Treatment: As one of the most important steps, we carefully apply our 100% pet safe and environmentally safe solution to the carpet to loosen and break down dirt, stains, and debris.
  6. Hot Water Extraction: By using a high-powered, truck-mount machine, we steam clean each area with 225-275 degree water. Not only does this disinfect the carpet, but it also seamlessly removes even the toughest stains!
  7.  Pile-Grooming (Optional): Depending on the type of carpet, we can carpet rake each area to remove any unwanted patterns in the carpet. Raking can also remove any left over hair woven in carpet fibers.
  8. Scotch Guard (Optional): A post cleaning scotch guard protection is available, which helps to repel stains and debris in your carpets fibers
  9. Deodorizer (Optional): Our top of the line, long lasting scents will leave your home smelling wonderful! 
  10. Post-Walk Through: After the cleaning is completed, we inspect each area to ensure that you are satisfied with our work.
  11. Payment: After our walk through is complete and you are satisfied with our service, payment is finalized and  a receipt is send directly to your email.

Practices We Stay Away From

There are a few mistakes that do-it-yourselfers and even professionals make that you should know about.

  •  Soap/shampoo: One of the biggest and most common mistakes people make is using the wrong kind of solution! This leaves residue in the carpet that actually attracts dirt and soil.
  • Not enough suction: Using carpet machines that lack suction power can leave carpet wet for hours and even days causing mold and bacteria to grow. Our high-powered, truck-mounted machines allow us to guarantee a 2-5 hour dry time.
  • Furniture blocks: Forgetting to use protective blocks under furniture legs, which causes rust and mildew stains! We take special care to avoid these types of stains by using our furniture blocks.
  • Cold Water: Believe it or not, even most professional carpet cleaners don’t use machines capable of reaching temperatures hot enough to kill germs and remove certain stains. Each Classic Floor Care truck-mounted machine reaches temperatures of 225-275 degrees!
Dog Pee on carpet

Pet Treatment

Pet stains can be some of the toughest to tackle which is why we take them so seriously. Liquid stains, specifically urine, creates an unwanted smell in your home. By using a black light, we are able to detect each and every stain. Each spot is treated with a high powered disinfectant to break down the urine. Extracting the affected areas will leave you with a clean and fresh smelling carpet!

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