Floor Repairs

Tile, W0od, Grout and Stone Repairs

Damaged Wood Floor
Raw hardwood floor Stripping
Hardwood Floor After cleaning and polish

We repair all types of flooring depending on your project. The most common scenarios we see are water damaged wood, broken or cracked tiles, deteriorated grout, and holes or scratches in stone or other hard surfaces. We have the proper training and experience for any of your floor repair needs. Not only will we repair the area, but if needed, will also explain to you the reasoning behind why your floors need repairing and how to prevent it from happening again.


Carpet Repairs

Bubbled Carpet Needs Streching

 Have you ever seen bubbles in your carpet? It’s your carpet’s way of telling you that it needs to be stretched or repaired! Along with cleaning carpet, we specialize in commercial and residential carpet repairs. Over time, carpet tends to bunch up in certain areas leaving bubbles and creases in your carpet. These can even be dangerous in an office setting and can cause people to trip and fall. Let our trained professionals stretch your carpet today to remove unwanted bubbles! 

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