Clean, Refinish, or Re-stain your Hardwood, Vinyl, Laminate, Travertine, or Engineered Floor.

Residential entryway hardwood floor before cleaning
Residential hardwood floor after shot
Residential Floor in kitchen before cleaning photo
Residential floor in kitchen after photo

            Hardwood floors are some of our favorite jobs to clean! Because each wood floor needs something a little different, we take the time to do each FREE ESTIMATE in person. After assessing the kind of wood and the condition of the floor, we choose between one of three different processes. There are essentially three layers to your wood floor, the raw wood itself, a layer of sealer, and then a layer of polyurethane which gives the floor its glossy shiny look. Our professionals will help you determine which process should be applied! GIVE US A CALL TODAY so we can help you transform your hardwood floors! (626) 857-7751


Choosing the right process for your hardwood floor

Screen and Re-coat:Our first process is applied to wood floors that just need a top layer touch up. By sing a neutral wood floor cleaner, we are able to deep clean and buff the wood. Our high speed buffer will bring back the luster and shine that you’ve been waiting for! Our second process involves removing the top layer (the polyurethane) with a semi-abrasive pad. After removing this layer, we are able to apply 2-3 coats of fresh polyurethane to bring back your floors shine and remove top level scratches. Sand, Restain, and Refinish: Our third process is a complete makeover. After removing the top two layers (the polyurethane and sealing coat), we are able to get down to the bare wood. At this point, we patch any holes, remove scratches, and repair damaged wood planks. With this process we are able to apply a wood stain if a darker colored wood is desired. We then apply 2-3 coats of sealer and 3 coats of polyurethane to provide long lasting protection.  




Raw hardwood floor Stripping
Man Re-staining a hardwood floor in a residential home
Hardwood Floor After cleaning and polish
Before and After picture of residential floor in entry way
Man Re-staining a hardwood floor in a residential home

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