Vinyl & Laminate Flooring

VCT (Strip-Seal-& Wax)

Dirty VCT flooring before cleaning
VCT flooring mid cleaning photo
Commercial VCT flooring after cleaning photo
Commercial VCT flooring before cleaning
Commercial VCT Cleaning

Vinyl Floor Cleaning

 There are actually many different kinds of vinyl flooring that require different cleaning processes. For this reason, we always come out to inspect the floor before cleaning to ensure that it gets cleaned correctly and professionally. Vinyl flooring is a cost effective and durable alternative to wood or tile and can be easier to clean up spills. Give us a call so we can discuss cleaning methods and solutions to cleaning your vinyl without damaging the construction of the flooring. If required, we consult with you on the type of sealer or finish coating you would like to have as well as developing a maintenance plan to keep the look of the flooring consistent.


Laminate Floor Cleaning

 Laminate is very popular because of the low maintenance and low cost of this wood-like flooring. It does not wear like carpet or other traditional flooring. However, deep cleaning can be rather difficult without the proper equipment. Removing all the dirt and grime from the cracks and crevices is no easy task. Leave it up to the professionals to help you get your floors looking the way they should be.

Before and after shot of laminate commercial flooring
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