Removing Dog and Cat Urine

Removing Dog and Cat Urine

For starters, dog and especially cat urine, can be an extremely pungent and strong distraction from your beautiful home. So, let’s get right to the point! You may have already tried a number of different home remedies to remove the nasty odor, however, most people have little success.


1. First things first, it can be hard to see ALL of the stains that are in the carpet with the human eye. Classic Floor Care professionals use a blacklight that shines florescent light and makes urine light up. This allows us to pinpoint each and every stain to remove. We highly recommend this step because trusting your nose doesn’t always point out all of the stains (you can pick one up at Walmart for about $10.00). Or click here to buy one from Amazon.

2. The second and most important thing that most carpet cleaners don’t reveal or may not even know, is that your problem isn’t usually on the surface, IT’S UNDERNEATH the carpet. Depending on the size of the animal and the quantity of urine, it’s most likely soaked through the carpet and gone into the PAD underneath (on rare occasion, it will soak through the pad into the subfloor). No matter how many times you spray and wipe down the surface of your carpet, the urine underneath will continue to produce Ammonia, if not disinfected. Typically, the longer it sits there the worse the odor gets. So how do you disinfect the stains without tearing up your carpet? 

3. Using the right chemical and the right quantity of it is a great start. There are plenty of cleaners out there that say that will do the trick, but what you specifically need to look for is an ENZYME cleaner. This is going to neutralize the acid in the urine and kill the bacteria that’s producing ammonia –  that gross smell you hate. Using home remedies such as Vinegar and Baking Soda will only temporarily fix the problem and the smell will most likely come back! Specifically, the composition of cat urine requires enzymes to break it down and get rid of the smell.

4. Don’t be afraid to soak the carpet with your cleaner; don’t dump the bottle on it, although you may want to. Your chemical, just like the urine needs to get through the carpet to disinfect the pad underneath. 

5. It’s very normal to repeat this process multiple times. Even professionals using high powered truck mounted steam cleaners don’t always get rid of the smell the first time. So, whether you are cleaning it yourself or you have a professional take care of the stains, have patience! On rare occasions urine will get under the carpet and even under the pad and get trapped between the pad and the subfloor. This may require you to replace the pad under your carpet to disinfect the subfloor. Ask a Classic Floor Care Professional today about your carpet needs!

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